YOU Are Your Own Competition

By Rachel Yeap (BAC Apprentice) 


“Your phone is way more important than everything in this household, what else do you know besides playing with your phone?”  My typical Asian mum’s favourite line every single time she barges in my room and so happens to see me with my phone in hand.  

Let us be transparent here. Most of our time on smartphones is spent browsing through social media, even when we were stuck under the roof with the spike in Covid-19 cases. Little did we know, mindlessly scrolling on social media is the primary trigger behind relapsing, and, now as I type, I am reminded further of the havoc this habit wreaked on my mental health; how it happened to be a destructive tendency and how it took my confidence to a sudden nosedive.  

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ― Steven Furtick 

Why don’t I have that perfect body like hers to fit into that cute outfit? How could he purchase a property at my age, while I am just trying to save a penny for a trip with friends? Why is she so attractive and her skin so flawless? How does he effortlessly balance work and social life, while I am here struggling to get enough sleep in a day? Why is she having good food every day? And look, he is showing off his latest Iphone13 again… 

Every time you go on Instagram, you see everyone smiling and celebrating their small victories. And you look at yourself, completely dull and worn out. This is when the bitterness sinks in. We often find ourselves stacking up against others, comparing each element of our lives to someone out there. This person has us doubting our accomplishments, skill sets, image or even personality, despite the fact he/she being a stranger in every sense. Strange, isn’t it? 

It is frail humanity to make social comparisons as this attitude is firmly embedded in the majority of us. When we compare, we tend to focus on our negativities too much and too long, it leads us into a deep hole where we end up feeling stuck. As much as we wish to shake it off, the feeling just won’t go away and with the problems piling up at work, our days couldn’t get any worse.   

The truth is, reality is what is lost on social media.

The reality behind the beautifully curated Instagram feed is never showcased to us. A lot of the “discussions” and “hot takes” we see online have no bearing in the real world. We are so overwhelmed by the online world that we fail to realise how outrageously unrealistic these comparisons are. In such a case, why see life through the internet as a comparison and allow the resentment to take over us? While we learn to clap for others and lift them up for their efforts, view it as the chance to do a little self-evaluation. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19 and the future being so uncertain, the best any of us can do is start anticipating what may come and begin planning our next move. Now is as good a time as any to add values to yourself. Limit your time on social media platforms which have the ability to elicit that terrible feeling of self-disdain. Instead, visit websites which offer some exciting skills for you to hone, in the midst of this pandemic.  

Can’t think of any? Don’t worry, we got you covered!  

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“I was really going to be something by 23.” 

“Honey, the only thing you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself.” 

Some comforting lines from the movie Reality Bites – for those of you who are currently enduring a low phase in life. 

Comparison is the death of joy and I urge you to stop comparing your life through the flawed lens of social media. You were created with the ability to comprehend yourself and therefore, your biggest competition in life should only be yourself.  

Your time will come, until then, be the best version of yourself.