Vital Skills To Hone – Lockdown Edition

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a student in your final year or you’re just leafing through the job market, there is one thing curbing all our efforts – Covid-19. We’re currently stuck at home after the exponential rise in cases, reading headline after headline about unemployment and business closures. Job hunting prospects seem a little grim now but there are ways to up the ante.

To be the one candidate who stands out from the rest, you need to possess a unique set of skills. Employers are no longer solely looking for degree holders with 4.0 CGPAs. They’re now asking, “Well yes, your academic record is perfect but how else can you contribute?” This is where you stand out by explaining all your other experiences and ancillary courses you’ve taken.

And what better time to learn these vital skills than now, whilst we’re all subjected to this stay-at-home order? Here are a few ways you can venture out in to this arena


  1. Apply for Apprenticeships.

Employers would be wide-eyed in wonder if your CV showcased experiences working with industry experts. To add this feather to your cap, look for programmes that offer apprenticeships where you will work closely with industry leaders. Such experiences provide hands-on learning and training which will furnish you with the qualifications and technical skills required for a full-time job within that industry. is one such gateway to these opportunities. An initiative between BAC Education Group and PERKESO, this platform will prepare you for digital technology careers. Along with earning a minimum allowance of RM1,200, an apprenticeship could also lead to an employment contract and hands-on exposure to live projects.

Such experiences will not only impress future employers and furnish you with vital skills, but they will also provide an unparalleled insight in to whether this industry is right for you. is coming soon so stay tuned to ensure your spot as an apprentice!


  1. Preparing Yourself for the Digital Era

It is not uncommon knowledge that our economy and jobs are transitioning to digital platforms. Web development, social media marketing as well as data science and analytics – these are all incredibly relevant skills to hone. This is why it has become vital to expand your skill set in these areas.

Project DEEP (Digital Enterprise and Employee Programme), a BAC Education Group initiative, aims to ensure that you can cope with the current climate of increased digitalisation. If eligible, you can enroll for free in one of the many courses available. Project DEEP’s job-seeking platform and employability programme will also ensure you are employed once you obtain your professional certification.

If you recognise the need to up-skill yourself during the course of this lockdown, enroll in a programme that will immediately increase your chances of employment.


  1. Become Your Own Employer

Have you always wanted to be your own boss, make your own rules and create your own vision? Perhaps the only thing stopping you is the lack of experience, skills and knowledge on business building. And who can blame you? It is terrifying to invest your money in a project and realizing you’re not entirely sure how to manage it.

This would be the perfect to time to pick up the necessary skills. Business management, finance, marketing – these are all courses that can be found anywhere. One such platform is Project Entrepreneur. This programme is offered for free and its subjects cover everything you need to know about becoming an entrepreneur. Learn the ins and outs of managing a business so that when you finally decide to invest in your very own start up, you will be able to handle it with confidence and expertise.


As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Although this pandemic has set us all back in one way or another, it has also provided us with the time to pursue vital skills. With such expertise, we would become indispensible in this highly competitive, digitalised economy.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in a course today and get ready to flourish.