Tips to Sustain Work Motivation & Momentum Post-MCO

Those in the local workforce would be familiar with the changes brought about by the various phases of the Movement Control Order, whether MCO, Conditional MCO, or Recovery MCO. Because of this, companies had to resort to different work methods, be it a rotational system or a complete Work From Home order.


While some workers may have been able to adapt, others may have found these changes challenging, affecting their productivity level. If you are one of those workers, here are some tips you can use to help sustain your work motivation and momentum post-MCO regardless of any changes or challenges ahead.



Firstly, be really intentional with your time.

Detailed planning of your time will help put things into perspective, allocating tasks or appointments to a fixed time. Failure to plan and put tasks and appointments in their respective timings would cause things to become disorganised, even expanding more than it should. In contrast, successful time management enables you to focus on properly completing tasks with greater clarity, allowing time for other things. One way you can intentionally plan your time is to note down your appointments and tasks in a calendar, and follow through with them accordingly.


Secondly, take good care of your overall health.

Besides physical health, this also includes your mental and emotional health. You might not be able to focus and complete tasks if you fall ill or are struggling mentally or emotionally. These three areas of our health are interconnected. Hence, negligence in one area can affect the rest which in turn affects your work. Some of the ways you can care for your overall health are by making sure you eat a balanced diet at regular meal times, drink enough water and have enough sleep. Set aside time in the week for recreational activities, and build relationships with friends and family. Also, if you are struggling with your mental health, go and seek professional help.



Next, be accountable to people.

Remember: you are not alone in your job or corporate journey. Often one would think it best to be independent, which is not good. It is your responsibility to contribute your efforts toward your department’s overall workflow, while having the opportunity to learn from each other. Otherwise, even if you are working by yourself, you still need someone you can hear feedback and suggestions from to motivate and improve yourself. Be regularly accountable to someone so that they can call you out on your mistakes and motivate you to do better. As the old proverb goes, “as iron sharpens iron, so does one sharpen another”.



Lastly, track your progress and achievements.

It is important to intentionally track how far you have come and what you have accomplished in your work journey. Tracking those things help show your level of competence, dispel any self-doubt, provides ideas on what achievements to work towards next, and as an incentive to keep moving forward. Knowing that you have achieved much in the past shall motivate you to achieve much more after.


To summarise, the tips to sustain work motivation and momentum post-MCO are: be intentional with your time, take good care of your overall health, be accountable to people, and track your progress and achievements. One can be easily swayed by circumstances, causing loss of motivation to perform your personal best. However, with the right people and things in place, while putting your mind to it, you can achieve anything.