Surviving Lockdown Blues

Written by: Kim Kunaawathy


Here we are, once again, facing another lockdown. We can’t help but feel demotivated, frustrated, and sad even though knowing it’s for the best. Let us look at the bright side. We have been here before. That feeling struck us like lightning the first time. But now that we’ve been through it a few times, we know just what to do and anticipate. Having said that, here are few tips to help you survive yet another lockdown. 


Keep Moving and Stay Positive 

It is easy to be blinded over the negative things that are going on and blame everything on the pandemic. But regardless of what happened, we must try to maintain a positive mindset and plan our day like usual. If you feel demotivated or sad, you should always acknowledge itCry if you must. Trust me, it helps. But, then, when you’re done being all grumpy and pessimistic, pick yourself up and start fresh. Every day is a new day filled with new opportunities. 

Maintaining a routine although you’re working or studying from home helps you feel in control and good about yourself. Of course, you don’t have to wake up as early as you would, but you should always shower, put on something comfortable, apply a little makeup if you want to, and make a simple breakfast. Not having a routine and being aimless going about your day may cause disruption in work and your plan. 


Be Mindful of What You Eat 

It’s easy to lose track of what you’re eating during this lockdown period. Especially when the kitchen is nearby. Maintaining a balanced diet is something we should all do. A healthy diet is beneficial to your heart, muscles, immune system, and mental health. For example, choosing more nutritious drinks for your everyday routine is a part of healthy living that is often ignored. Staying hydrated is vital for good health, and it has many other advantages. 


Unlock Your Hobbies 

This is the perfect time to unlock your hobbies. Doing something that you genuinely enjoy helps your mind relax. Narrowing down your desires can make it easier to choose an activity that is right for you. Here are two hobbies with huge benefits: 

Reading has been shown in studies to decrease stress levels by 60-70 percent. It calms your body by decreasing your heart rate and relaxes stressed muscles. Many people are whisked away to another place, giving their minds a well-deserved break from restless thoughts. 

One of the advantages of puzzles is that they improve dopamine production. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is involved in mood, memory, and concentration. When we are focused on how to solve the puzzle, this causes our minds to enter a meditative trance. This results in a more positive outlook and improved stress management abilities. 


Stay Connected 

One of the biggest challenges during lockdown is not being able to be with your loved ones. But, thanks to technology, we’re able to stay connected. You could always video call your friends, relatives, or colleagues and update them on your day. A little word of encouragement will do wonders and lift each other. Organize a weekly activity via zoom or plan a movie night on Netflix watch party. This way you will feel less alone and there’s something to look forward to during the weekend.  

Remember, this lockdown is in place to help us end the pandemic. Know that you are a part of this effort to improve the world, and by adhering to the SOPs, you are saving lives. Remember to be kind to yourself and to one another.

This, too, shall pass.