Productivity Throughout Ramadan

Every year, Muslimaround the world will observe the holy month of Ramadan. Fasting, is a period of intense spirituality, self-control, and an opportunity to reconnect with God.  

The abstinence from food and drink, from dawn to dusk for a whole period of 30 dayscan sometimes lead to lethargynon-productivity, and inferior performanceMost people who fast would usually experience mild dehydration, causing headaches and lack of concentration. 

With Ramadan set to begin soon, let us run through some tips on how to increase efficiency and performance at the workplace, or while studying. 

Plan Your Days 

To maximise productivity during the fasting month, it is advised to plan ahead. This can be from your office tasks, assignments, daily activities, house chores, plus all other activities you have been doing before. By having a schedule, you will be able to prioritise and optimize your performance accordingly, ensuring you do not exhaust yourself by scheduling a string of tasks to be completed in one particular day. Having a routine removes your attention from food and lethargy.


Eat Right 

To have the proper amount of energy to last the whole day, you must ensure that you fill yourself with the right types of foodNutrient-rich foodkeep you filled throughout the day. Do not eat heavy, and avoid intake high in salt content, as this may leave you feeling thirsty throughout the day. Oats, milk, high-fibre breakfast cereals, breads and cheese are perfect to start the day with. If you have consumed the right food, you will have the energy to concentrate at work and school, not having to tend to stomach growling and rumbling. When you breakfast, opt for fluid-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, soups, and stew, as these replace the fluids lost during the day. Juices and smoothies are great too!! 



As much as you may want to think that exercising should be avoided during this whole month, you are wrong. Of course, it would be silly to attempt high intensity workouts when you are fasting. What is recommended though are brisk walking, slow jogging, cycling, yoga, or meditation. These light exercises are sure to keep your mind alert and energised throughout the day. If at all, you start feeling a little sleepy mid-day, stand, stretch, and take a short walk.  

Avoid looking at the clock…like seriously!!! 

As much as you look forward to heading home, stop looking at how much time is left before you leave the office or class. It drains your energy. To keep busy, try completing all necessary tasks at the start of the day, when you are most alert, before fatigue and boredom starts setting in. Trust me, once a task is settled, a burden will be off your shoulder, and you can progress to your next task with ease. 

At the end of the day, just ask yourself this, “How can I be a better version of myself – spiritually, physically and socially?” during this blessed month of Ramadan. Ensure a balanced lifestyle for a productive you this coming. 

 Here’s wishing our Muslim friends and colleagues a Blessed Ramadan.