Is Time Of No Importance?

By Maple Han (BAC Apprentice) 


You are 38. You have been waking up to the same ceiling for the past 8 months. Staring at the fan, you remember exactly 1 year ago, how Covid19 has taken a toll on you, and the whole world. Everything in your life changed. 

Utterly disappointed with life in general, you let out a long sigh and hide yourself back under the blanket. 

You realise it is noon, feeling guilty for waking up this late, you climb out of bed and draw the curtains aside. Sunlight streams in through the window, you squint your eyes shifting your gaze to the dining area. As you sit quietly for lunch, savouring each mouthful, you check your mailbox, hoping and praying in silence that you will get a job invitation from the countless companies you have sent your application to. 

Nothing new. No replies. You quietly put your phone down and continue eating. After lunch, you return to your room and switch on your computer. Staring at your CV and resume, you wonder why employers never replied to your emails. Your prayers seem to be unheard, and time seems to be of no importance, as nothing in your life is moving. 

You are now scrolling through your friends’ LinkedIn Profiles. Everyone seems to be acing in life. Everyone, except you. Depressed, burdened with melancholic thoughts, you feel your life is in the deeper end.  

Then you come across an education platform advertising on YouTube. You clicked on the ad and saw a series of courses, significant in this digital era. You have heard about these skills – programming, languages, digital marketing, social media marketing, all these are what companies are looking for nowadays. But, you are not equipped with any one of these, and your previous company never required you to learn these skills. Hence, you scroll through these courses, interested to learn more. Then comes another setback – you find out these courses require you to pay a hefty sum. Dejected, you close the window and wonder if your life is doomed. You can’t help but wonder, as a retrenched worker, are you of any value in this digital era? Are you of relevance? 

You feel you should do something for yourself. You need to act now. So, you begin to google again for courses to upskill yourself, to improve your current resume and CV.  

To the one reading this, if this is your life right now, keep on reading because…is time of no importance? 

This time, your prayers are heard. You find Project DEEP, a platform providing free courses to Malaysians – the retrenched, fresh graduates, jobseekers. You sign up for a Digital Marketing Course. A class schedule was sent to your mailbox. You feel it’s funny how at the age of 38, you need to repeat the whole studying process. However, you encouraged yourself to accept this challenge. After all, you were once the TOP Salesman of your company. 20 years ago, you had walked from one housing area to another, from shop lots to factories, knocked at their doors to promote your company’s product. Now, years later, you believe you can be a great salesman again, if you combine your past 20 years of experiences with the digital skills required in this era. 

So, is time of no importance? 

It’s been one month since you signed up for the course. Lecturers are great. They are eager to teach and willing to share their experience with you. You’ve learnt the significance of digital platforms and ways of utilising them to promote a product. You realised brochures are equivalent to Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads. People nowadays love to buy products through Shopee, Lazada or watching Facebook live. Additionally, you’ve also learnt to amend your resume, so that it catches a potential employer’s attention. You are happy to know of Project Deep. There’s so much to learn. One month ago, you couldn’t feel time pass because everything in your life was not moving. Right now, time is of importance, because you have so much to learn. 

You’ve received your cert for Digital Marketing Skills from Project Deep. You’ve added this cert into your CV and resume. 4 days after adding this skill set into your profile, your phone has been ringing and you are getting job interview invitations from various companies. Today, you are a Sales Manager working for Hewlett Packard. You’ve been using your past experiences and newly acquired marketing skills at work.   

One can feel lost, dejected, and miserable when facing difficulties. However, if you brace yourself to face it, you will be able to find hope. The question is whether you are just wasting your time, or making the most out of it. Every person’s pace in life is different from another. The key to success is to never give up on yourself. 

It’s 6pm, you have just exited the office building, the evening sunlight touching your face. You feel grateful and happy that things worked well for you. And once again, you are grateful for everything that happened in your life, especially Project DEEP.

Project Deep is a nation building initiative spearheaded by BAC Education dedicated to curb the growing unemployment rate in Malaysia, offering trainings and development of transferable skills, equipping jobseekers for a digital economy.

Registration will be opening soon for the next intake.  Stay tuned.