If You Have Not Heard…It’s Time to Dig DEEP

By Bryan Bin (BAC Apprentice) 


Malaysia is not moving towards a digital economy. We have one. As futuristic as it sounds, Malaysians are all present in the virtual world – we shop online, advertise on social media, contract with machines and store data in a magical ‘Cloud’. We rely on the Internet in all its glory and power to survive, but are we ready to thrive in this digital economy we created? 

Project DEEP (Digital Enterprise & Employee Programme) is an initiative to equip us with the expertise to do just this. Launched by BAC Education Group in 2020, Project DEEP is a nation-building exercise to curb the growing unemployment in Malaysia by bridging local enterprises and employees into the digital era. 

To achieve this, we have launched an education platform that helps upskill or re-skill you FOR FREE through classes like Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship 101. It also gives you an opportunity to obtain professional certifications in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing as well as Business Analytics, among many others. These courses are spread out over 2 weeks on average and take place in a virtual classroom, giving everybody a chance to learn from the comfort of their homes. Being as patient as they are experienced, our trainers are ever-willing and ready to take you through this journey of learning. They have an incomparable ability to impart knowledge in an interactive yet effective manner, to which a former participant has wittily described himself as being ‘glued to the screen’ throughout classes.  

Project DEEP’s September/October intakes are open for registration. Here are the courses being offered: 

Besides transforming lives through education, Project DEEP goes further to provide a job-seeking platform which connects participants directly to potential employers. Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn crucial skills while working on digital economy projects with participating organisations. We believe that this holistic approach allows participants to improve their soft skills, generate experience and learn technical skills to gain hands-on knowledge.  

Fret not, for we will be providing the necessary professional training based on the career you have chosen. To get started, simply provide us with your desired career and we will provide a list of opportunities in your area. We furnish you with details of the job and you can apply directly through our platform by submitting your resume. 

Continuous skilling is essential to stay ahead, and on top of emerging technologies. It is important for organisational growth, and is key to maintaining and growing productivity. 

The future is now, so let’s not wait to equip ourselves with the needs of the future. Visit https://www.projectdeep.my/, and let us guide you through the DEEP end of the pool.  

Like Alvin Toffler said, 

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.