Heroes of This War Against The Virus

Picture this – oxygen shortages in a hospital filled with critical Covid-19 patients. Beds and medication are also running out. All around, sounds of wheezing and coughing fill the air.

Everyday, the only rays of hope these bed-ridden patients have are their doctors and nurses, working tirelessly to save their lives..

Two years ago, we would have never anticipated having to go through this worldwide pandemic. Travel bans, lockdowns, SOPs, and healthcare systems on the brink of collapse – no matter which part of the world you live in, it is for certain that the effects of this pandemic have been felt.

Countries such as India, Brazil, the US, Malaysia and many more are still facing terrifying numbers. Every day, the death toll only increases. However, the people are still fighting and all hope is not lost.

Through these difficult times, doctors, nurses, researchers and medical experts are working around the clock to ensure we win this battle against the Coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses, cloaked in PPE, have had to manage large numbers of patients. Due to this overwhelming surge of cases, wards are sometimes overrun and these medical professionals are required to work 80-hour weeks. In India, trainee doctors have been pulled from their exams to fight the world’s biggest surge. In Malaysia, hospitals all over Klang Valley have almost reached their maximum capacities.

Doctors and nurses have been at the frontlines, fighting the virus, since it first broke out in December 2019.









However, these groups of frontliners have faced the pandemic head on, saving lives and providing the best healthcare possible. Despite the tsunami of Covid-19 patients, doctors and nurses are still persisting, risking their lives everyday to ensure the lives of others are not lost. These frontliners truly deserve all the recognition they are receiving.

The similar unending hours of work and dedication was observed in vaccine development. Researchers, microbiologists, pharmacologists, biochemists and the like poured all their energies and expertise into creating vaccines within unprecedented timeframes.

Vaccine development usually takes 5-10 years before it is available for use. The current array of Covid-19 vaccines were made available in just over a year since the pandemic broke out. The Pfizer vaccine received its first approval in December 2020.

Vaccine developers have worked tirelessly to expedite productions of vaccines.

This historic timeline in the development of the vaccines could potentially save millions of lives. If the relevant experts did not work as efficiently as they did, we might have been looking at 5 more years of the current status quo. These frontliners should be celebrated for their imperative contributions in fighting the virus.

Psychiatrists are the lesser known heroes of this pandemic. As Covid-19 spreads far and wide, one of its worst, yet least accounted for, is mental health deterioration as a result of uncertainty and anxiety.

Confinement measures and the constant worry about contracting the virus has led to mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. However, with availability of psychiatrists, people facing pandemic-related mental health issues are able to seek help.

A factor that exacerbates these illnesses is the feeling of loneliness in facing struggles. Psychiatrists have played a huge role in diminishing these feelings and working to resolve pandemic-related mental health issues.

Psychiatrists, the unsung heroes of this pandemic, have seen people through these challenging times, when mental wellness had taken a downturn.
There have been several reports of mismanaged mental health illnesses, resulting in fatal consequences. To prevent these devastating outcomes, psychiatrists too, have been working tirelessly with their patients.

As mental health is treated as a taboo, these groups of healthcare workers are not given the recognition they deserve for their incredible efforts in saving lives during this pandemic.

There is no sugarcoating how hard it can be for these frontliners. From doctors to researchers to psychiatrists, they each deal with the immense pressure of knowing that people’s lives are in their hands, either directly or indirectly. They also have to race against time, low supplies of resources and medical necessities.

However, there is also no questioning how these experts and professionals are our beacons of hope during the course of this pandemic. It is due to their hard work that we will triumph over this deadly virus and soon, the world will return to some form of normalcy.

Although this pandemic will inevitably pass, there is always the risk of another. If you’ve felt inspired and awe-struck by the way these frontliners have put in their all to save people’s lives, then these might be career paths for you to consider.

If you’re unsure about where to begin in making your final decision, check out these courses – Foundation in Science and BSc Psychology – for further information.

The world is always going to need more of these dedicated professionals and perhaps, some day, you could be one of them – working around the clock to ensure your patients receive only the best healthcare possible.