Handphone Usage During A Lockdown

Written by: Kim Kunaawathy


It’s no secret that the usage of mobile phones increased during this pandemic. However, there is a positive aspect to thisNow, more than ever, we develop a deeper appreciation for technology and gadgetshaving brought us closer to one another, making things convenient by bridging the communication gap 

Knowingly or notwe’ve been doing things digitally. Thanks to cell phones and apps, we were able to make our stay-at-home more bearable. Can you imagine if we had encountered a pandemic in 2001? Undoubtedly, that would have been a nightmare 

Let’s see how our simple hand-held gadgets have kept/and will keep us sane: 

Food and Essentials

Ever since the first lockdown was enforced, everyone had to rely on their phones. Simple tasks like buying groceries, food, or even purchasing a mask could be done through your phone. Payment could be made through online transaction to minimize exposure to the virus. Shopping was done online through apps downloaded to your phone. 



The question of whether education should be conducted exclusively online has long been debated. The pandemic has shown that proper planning, applications, gadgets, and a stable internet network was key to implementing online learning. Although the transition from face-to-face to online was difficult, our mobile phones has once again saved us. You may enter class with a single click, not to mention lectures and homework delivered online. 


Meetings, Appointments, and Conferences

Office work and meetings were simple click away. Our phones made it easy to converse through apps like zoom, which could accommodate the entire office. Not just convenient to use, it also helps us get work done anywhere, anytime. Even while mixing a cup of coffee. If your internet was down, you could always do a conference call on your mobile and update your team later. Notes and reminders could be done and set simultaneously when you’re in a virtual appointment or meetings. Basically, you can use your mobile phone at any place or time. 


Communication Through Borders  

We all have been missing birthday parties, family gatherings, weddings, and other events due to the pandemic. But our mobile phones have made it easier to connect with our loved ones. Although we couldn’t meet anyone face-to-face, a video call or facetime interaction uplifted our moodKeeping in touch although miles apart was just a call away. Social activities were also streamed live online so that one wouldn’t miss out. Thanks to mobile and smartphones, we could stay in touch with our loved ones during challenging times. 


Endless Entertainment Options

With entertainment, the options are endless. From watching Netflix, streaming video on YouTube, to playing games, the list goes on. Everything could be done in the palm of your hands with your mobile phone. You could pass time by listening to podcasts, scrolling through social media, and sharing memes. 

The past year has been challenging for all of us. But, thanks to this lightweight, handy gadget, we can connect, network, and sell.  

Despite the fact that all is digital today, be mindful of your screen time. When possible, swap your screen time to “green time” (reminiscing with nature).