Effective Tips to Multitask At Work

An efficient employee capable of juggling multiple tasks is valued by employers everywhere. However, not all of us are born multitaskers. Multitasking is all about working smarter instead of working harder.

Here are some effective tips to help you juggle different tasks at the workplace without burning out!

  • Plan your day/work

Start the day by planning out what you need to do and then sort them by their due dates. Straightforward and simple right? Once you have created your list, you are now ready to use the Eisenhower Matrix.

  • Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is named after the 34th American President, Dwight David Eisenhower. This method is meant to help you categorise tasks into four  different groups  (1) tasks that are important and urgent, (2) tasks that are important but not urgent, (3) tasks that are not important but urgent, and finally (4) tasks that are neither important nor urgent. This can be seen in the diagram below. Once you have decided how to sort your tasks for the day based on the matrix, it should be all smooth sailing. Remember, if anything gets in the way, revert to the matrix to figure out where that task should be.

  • Switch between tasks

If you find yourself unable to complete something due to a mental block when working on something, switch to the next task. Sometimes you might find the solution to that problem from doing something else that is completely unrelated to your current task.

  • Take a break

As odd as it sounds, yes. Take a break. Go for a walk, drink some water or attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube. You will be surprised at how taking a break can actually help you stay focused and productive. Give yourself a chance to rest, recharge and recalibrate before coming back to work to take on the next item on your to-do list.