Digital Marketing: The Significant Role It Played In My Life

By Jaiswani Sandrasegaran (BAC Apprentice)


As I drove my car, looking out the window, and losing myself counting raindrops dripping onto the windshield, it all seems a little clearer. I see how far I have come. It’s all different now. 

Allow me to tell you a short story about myself and how everything came to be.  

I was born into a stereotypical Indian family and only accomplished a meager ‘Pass’ on my Form 5 exam. I stepped into the real world with no idea what to do, or how to make it in life. With a friend, I enrolled into a vocational school and learned some computing and electrical consultation abilities. It was a certificate course, and I remained unemployed for years. To rub salt in the wound, the government declared a lockdown due to the Covid -19 Pandemic. 

Staying at home, doing nothing, drove me insane. I became depressed. 

I was later introduced to Project Deep, and this was ‘my light’ at the end of the tunnel.  

With an array of courses available – digital marketing, project management, graphic design, and many more, Project DEEP (Digital Enterprise & Employee Programme) is an excellent platform to upskill and reskill yourself. These courses are specifically designed to equip one with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate today’s digital era.  

During the lockdown, I started my Digital Marketing and Business Analytics course. 

Certainly, technology had become an increasingly significant aspect of the workforce even before the pandemic. Moreover, digital learning is displacing traditional educational methods. Given how quickly classrooms are changing, it is advisable to forget about old teaching and learning practices and focus on new teaching methods, while learning techniques centered on digital learning resources.  

Businesses saw technology as a useful tool for communicating with customers, allowing for some employee engagement, automation and expediting procedures. The pandemic forced businesses to explore into innovative digital solutions so that they could continue to operate remotely and serve their customers. Many businesses have developed a physical, and behind-the-scenes approach to digital world. Customers have shown an interest in receiving services with little to no human interaction, and have called for distant or at least contact-limited activities from a customer-facing perspective. 

This has certainly aided in the acceleration of a digital transition that has impacted organisations across industries. Understanding how these developments have influenced businesses can assist in understanding how businesses might approach digital transformation, and which aspects of these developments are likely to endure. 

With no hesitance, and with the encouragement of my tutor, I registered for ‘SSM Ebiz Online’ and used the acquired knowledge from my digital marketing classes to develop my business online platform. Soon, my company stepped up, and I gradually got calls from clients asking me how to address electrical problems in their homes and offices, and to my amazement, I could assist them virtually and over the phone. 

Digital technology allows me and my customers to engage and locate each other at any time, knowing that we can always reach one another. I was able to build my own brand when I brought my business to the digitalisation. 

Now that the lockdown has been lifted, I have already built a large client base, and my business has been constantly reaching out to a broader audience. 

What a difference just taking up one course has made. Who would have believed that I am able to run my own business, and it is all thanks that one-month course I decided to take under Project Deep. 

If months ago, I told you I would one day be somehow operating a small business, you would have smiled and brushed off my idea. But today, I aspire to become ‘big’. I know I can. It is in believing in myself, and that nudge I got by taking up Project Deep’s Digital Marketing and Business Analytics course.  

Thank you, BAC Education Group, for initiating efforts such as Project Deep. 

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(Note: Narrative writing in this article is based on fiction from the author’s perspective)