Digesting Another Lockdown?

Homebound again? Just when you were getting used to hanging out with friends and colleagues after months of working or studying in isolationwe are back to a position where we were early last year. Butfret not! We are all in this together, and we shall overcome. 

Here are some pointers to help you during this timebut most importantly to keep you sane: 

1. Daily Structure 

Set out your tasks first thing in the morning. List them down in order of importance, or by deadlines. Strike them off your to-do list when it is done, so not to cluster your mind. Once you have established a proper schedule every day, stick to that particular routine. Having a structured work or study lifestyle can lead to productivity. Bottom line, master time with a daily schedule. 



2. Do not Self Sabotage 

Although working or studying remotely allows you the flexibility of being at your own personal space, it can get overwhelming for some, having to juggle personal and work/study time itself. If you find it becoming a bit too much to handle, take frequentbut short breaks. Do not be rigid with your timing, but make sure not to abuse the privilege of working/studying from home. 


3. Eat Well, Keep Healthy 

At times, when working/studying from home, we tend to get carried away, and sometimes believe or not, we forget to take our meals on time, or at allThis brings us back to the first point – daily structure. If you have a schedule, listing down your to dos, you will not have a problem here. Stick to a proper arrangement, meals and break time included. Remember, not to neglect your health and eating habits. To kickstart a healthy lifestyle, you can also start with simple exercises every day. 


Now working or studying remotely, particularly during a lockdown, is not that bad after all. What say you?