Navigating Work Politics20211108161217

Navigating Work Politics

annNovember 8, 20210 comments
By Subashini Rajasuriah   Being a newbie in the work force can be tough. You are trying to find where you fit in and doing your best to juggle ne...
Penjana Kerjaya Hiring Incentive Program: 5 Points A New Hire Should Know20211103110534

Penjana Kerjaya Hiring Incentive Program: 5 Points A New Hire Should Know

annNovember 3, 20210 comments
By Mohan Arasan Kumar   The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard on every industry. Throughout industries, multiple stages of retrenchment have bee...
The Rise Of The Gig Economy20211001112351

The Rise Of The Gig Economy

annOctober 1, 20210 comments
By Rishyan Raaj Gopal (BAC Apprentice)   We can no longer turn a blind eye on the gig economy. One may even pose the question, “what is the...
Is Time Of No Importance?20210923185745

Is Time Of No Importance?

annSeptember 23, 20210 comments
By Maple Han (BAC Apprentice)    You are 38. You have been waking up to the same ceiling for the past 8 months. Staring at the fan, you reme...
Making The Most Out Of LinkedIn20210920140148

Making The Most Out Of LinkedIn

annSeptember 20, 20210 comments
By Kumuthamalar Sandaranaido & Ashlyn Kwong (BAC Apprentices)    “Are you on LinkedIn?” is probably a question you have heard many a...
Importance of Networking20210823183028

Importance of Networking

sdteamAugust 23, 20210 comments
Have you ever looked at someone at a work-related event and thought “Wow! This person really does know everyone.” It’s impressive, isn’t it? W...
Enhancing Work From Home Productivity20210609160135

Enhancing Work From Home Productivity

It seems like we are back to a total lockdown all over again! What that means for most of us, is going back to working from home almost indefinitely. ...
Embracing Diversity in the Workplace20210521130507

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

We live in a world where globalisation is at its peak. Gone are the days where exclusive groups are formed and remain segregated from others. In a nat...
Getting A Job You Are Unqualified For20210520133516

Getting A Job You Are Unqualified For

sdteamMay 20, 20210 comments
Have you come across job postings you were really interested in, but then held yourself back from applying because you felt ‘unqualified’? Perhap...
Coping With Imposter Syndrome20210518171147

Coping With Imposter Syndrome

sdteamMay 18, 20210 comments
Hey, you did great at that last presentation! You’ve been keeping on top of things at work, your output has been great and your KPI is amazing! So...