Overcoming Social Anxiety At The Workplace20211115171410

Overcoming Social Anxiety At The Workplace

annNovember 15, 20210 comments
By Gan Ling Lin   Social skills can be defined as how we communicate with each other. Verbal or non-verbal. It is an important skill to have when...
COVID-19: The Catalyst of Digital Marketing20211102133157

COVID-19: The Catalyst of Digital Marketing

annNovember 2, 20210 comments
By Lee Zhao Hui (BAC Apprentice)   COVID-19, one of the most dangerous viruses in thousands of years, has affected the entire world. Sprea...
If You Have Not Heard…It’s Time to Dig DEEP20210910173134

If You Have Not Heard…It’s Time to Dig DEEP

annSeptember 10, 20210 comments
By Bryan Bin (BAC Apprentice)    Malaysia is not moving towards a digital economy. We have one. As futuristic as it sounds, Malaysians are all prese...
So, You Made a Mistake. Now What?20210825141040

So, You Made a Mistake. Now What?

sdteamAugust 25, 20210 comments
Yes, we’ve all been there; sulkily wallowing in the utter shame and embarrassment that comes from making mistakes.   Mistakes can often discour...
Importance of Networking20210823183028

Importance of Networking

sdteamAugust 23, 20210 comments
Have you ever looked at someone at a work-related event and thought “Wow! This person really does know everyone.” It’s impressive, isn’t it? W...
15 Laws of Individual Growth20210812123127

15 Laws of Individual Growth

Individual growth is a critical aspect in everyone’s lives. However, sometimes an individual may hit a growth gap trap, hindering personal developme...
Enhancing Work From Home Productivity20210609160135

Enhancing Work From Home Productivity

It seems like we are back to a total lockdown all over again! What that means for most of us, is going back to working from home almost indefinitely. ...
Coping With Imposter Syndrome20210518171147

Coping With Imposter Syndrome

sdteamMay 18, 20210 comments
Hey, you did great at that last presentation! You’ve been keeping on top of things at work, your output has been great and your KPI is amazing! So...
Surviving Lockdown Blues20210512115358

Surviving Lockdown Blues

sdteamMay 12, 20210 comments
Written by: Kim Kunaawathy   Here we are, once again, facing another lockdown. We can’t help but feel demotivated, frustrated, and sad even...
Hygiene And Your Mental Wellbeing20210510170222

Hygiene And Your Mental Wellbeing

sdteamMay 10, 20210 comments
Written by: Kim Kunaawathy Sometimes we tend to get carried away, singing in the shower while making life decisions, almost losing track of time...