Acing A Virtual Interview

The HR interviewing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few months. When just last year, you would be impeccably dressed, file in hand, all ready to meet your future employer face-to-face, it has now boiled down to leveraging on technology to attend interviews remotely. 

Today, meetingsbusinesses and interviews have moved to digital. For some, finding a job, especially now, may be a challengeBut, it is not impossible. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has crippled job markets and economies worldwide, all hope is not lost. A definite way to keep yourself in the game is by differentiating yourself from others, and by staying relevant.  

Read on for tips that may help you land the job you want during this time. 


Look & Act the Part 

Just as how you would prepare for an in-person interview, take time to look into the details many tend to neglect during a virtual one. Firstly, make sure to dress the part. Attending an interview from the comforts of your home does not warrant you to dress down. Dress professionally, and bring on your A-game.  


Plan Your Location & Test Your Technology 

Where you choose to set up for your interview is another point to take note. First, identify a space, away from cluster and distraction, preferably with plain wall as your background. It is advisable to arrange for a time you feel would be the quietest, but that depends on your interviewer’s convenience. Before the actual interview, have a dry-run., and familiarize yourself with the mode of interview. 


Practice Makes Perfect 

Even after many run-throughs, it is only natural for one to be anxious or nervous during interviews, even a virtual one. Although you may never know what the employer may ask, prepare yourself for the standard questions usually posed during interviews. It may help to stand in front of a mirrorand work on facial expressions, poise, and confidence. But do keep in mind the fine line between confidence and cockiness. 



Stand Up, Stand Out 

Start on a positive note. Remember to thank your interview at the beginning, and end of the interview for the opportunity given. Keep your responses clear, concise and on point. Also do pay attention to body language, always maintaining eye contact with interviewer.  



Clear Your Doubts 

It is good to get a clear picture of what you are expected of. This would be the perfect time to clarify on job scope, negotiate salary, or ask about the company itself. But, also bear in mind that you are required to do your homework beforehand about the organization. Do not be caught off-guard, or you might end up rambling. 



Plan A Follow Up 

After the virtual interview, take time and have the common courtesy to drop the person who interviewed you an email thanking him/her for the time taken to meet you. This is an added bonus, showing that you are proactive, one of the many skills an employer looks out for. 


Now, hopefully by putting these tips into practice, you will ace that interview. If you enjoyed reading this piece, do look out for our next article on probable questions an interviewer may ask post pandemic.